Is it possible to spell check a post before posting it?

Nope, and I just posted a spelling mistake. Chill, don’t sweat the small stuff, have a good day M

No idea but with our scrambled brains we very rarely have difficulty I understanding what is meant.

Somebody posted on here something that at first glance was illegible but as you started to read it it was simple to decipher.

I think it was showing as long as the first and last letter were correct the brain sorted it out.

At least we can manage something with ease eh!


HaHaHa! Thanks folks


hope this will reassure you that the spelling is not important,in fact, makes life more interesting!

ellie x

It does appear not. I use Google Chrome as my broswer that usually does underline all my faux pas in red and there are usually a good deal of them, then suggests alternatives.

I imagine that this forum uses some wierdy beardy code that means Chrome can no longer do its thing.