Fed up tonight

Sorry in advance for moaning… I feel like every day something gets worse, and today it’s my cognitive function, fatigue levels and eyes. I feel like my eyes can’t process moving images properly. I’m hoping it’s a quick relapse, as I’ve got a lot of work on this next few weeks.

I fell asleep after postong. Ooooops. Typical though. Don’t feel like I’ve slept though, booooooooooo

I’m just setting up for a cake smash photoshoot at work, then off to buy a few more Christmas presents before going to the butchers. Rest really isn’t an option this next 10-14 days, although I’m not complaining as I love my job. Christening tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi hun.

Yeh, its chuffin hard to keep going some days, eh?

We must find our resolve to fight on.

I`ve had a really bad week and the whole year has seen my condition deteriorate quite badly.

Hang in there, yeh?

luv Pollx