Falling for the New Year

Had a nasty fall last Friday and had a few days in bed getting over itI hope everyone else has had a better start to the New Year. I used to be so fit and agile and now I cantt even get up off the floor without loads of help. Still nothing broken other than my pride but I am stil finding bruises in places I never kew I had places if you know what I mean? Still just think it has given me endless entertainment explaining to Uncle Tom Cobbly and all how I managed to hurt myself so much when I fell whilst sitting in a chair. So today I actually feel human again five days later wonder what it would have been like if I was really ill? and not someone who has good days and bad days…oh please can I have a good day jjust one I hhave forgotteen what they are like

Ah Hoppity so sorry to hear about your fall… and amazing that your sense of humour is not bruised also! Here’s wishing you a quick recovery from fall and some good days coming up. I know what you mean… it’s bloody relentless isn’t it. Take care… no more falls! Pat xx

Hi Hoppity

Sorry to hear you have had a nasty fall, hope you recover quickly, and that a good day is winging its way to you.

Take care

Pam x

Oh dear…those falls are a huge thing to us, but other folk can quickly spring back up and need no recovery time!

Take care and rest well.

luv Pollx

At least I am not out of it for six months like Theo Walcot. I am up and causing havoc he will be watching the world cup with his feet up the same as me, injury levels the playing field for both of us now he cant play football nor can I. Only thing is he earns best part of a million quid a month andd att the moment I am the better footballer at least until he gets better that is.

Glad you’re OK now Don, I find the bruises to my pride sometime take more recovery than the physical ones! hugs

It was ony recently I discovered the bruises, from what I believe is a quite sedate lifestyle! It was when I looked in the miror at the same time as tying back my hair and I realised the underneath of my forearms were covered in them…

As you have your humour about you, I’ll tell you this just to make you giggle. My best falls have consistently been from trying to put my knickers on standing up, I truly think that even after this time, I forget… I just go to get dressed and kind of catapult myself when I make a spectacular fail at my aim for the 2nd leg-hole…you can kind of get the picture of me stamping my pants to the floor when knicks are definitely around the other leg… and away I go! Luuckily I usually bump into something or stagger before I get to clothes and hance i is now rare that I attempt this apparently death-defying feat LOL

It was only a year ago that bruises were worn as badges of pride when a now pole move was conquered, how life changes

Yours in complete understanding!

Sonia xx

Sorry about the fall - glad you’re in recovery now. I’m always finding bruises that I don’t ever remember getting! It’s no fun. Take care of yourself! Teresa xx

Hello Hops, damn falls eh? They seem to pick their moments, It’s usually when your feeling a tiny bit confident about your stability. I fell just outside the doctors’ surgery and had to be rescued by a couple of GPs-it’s a busy old place and everyone going past had a good look. I refrained from an appropriate counter comment. Then there’s the catalogue of discovered bruises, previously associated with UDIs-unidentified drink injuries. How times have changed. Keep smiling, Steve.

Hey hey less of that! I hope you recover really quick mate, stay strong, tomorrow is another day