Falling for it.

Hello everyone.

The hot tap in the kitchen has stopped working, the weather is awful and I fell over in the bathroom last night. Two of these I can deal with but the fall has knocked me back a bit. It’s left me a bit battered and bruised and has taken a great slice out of my confidence as the beast is rearing its ugly head. What do you do?


  1. It’s my birthday next week and loas of us are going to a hotel for afternoon tea.

  2. Most of my christmas shopping is done.

  3. We’re going to the Southbank on the twelfth for “The Sixteen’s” Christmas concert and we’re on the front row.

  4. I have great support from a wonderful wife.

NO BEAST, you will not triumph. You may keep me awake at night but I have so much you can’t take away from me.

Positive Sunday with some ouchy bits.

Best wishes. Steve.


Well done Steve for pointing out the positives when ms seems to be trying to beat you up. It’s not pleasant when that happens and your confidence gets knocked but isn’t it good when you dust yourself off, even if it hurts, and carry on. Happy birthday for next week. Invest in arnica, it’s great for bruises (I keep loads in the house) and I hope the aches and pains subside quickly.

Cath x


Oh, wow, a concert by The Sixteen? I’m jealous, I’d love to hear them live!

I’ve had a few days of feeling bleugh, including a couple of days off work, but I’m feeling better now so it’s back to work tomorrow. However, it’s a four-day week as I’m away with my husband for a long weekend next weekend and it’s my birthday the weekend after.

I haven’t started Christmas shopping properly yet and I realised earlier today I failed to send my niece a card and present in time for her birthday (oops - oh well, it spins it out for her!).

One thing I have done in the last few days is book a trip on the Orient Express for myself and my sister for next year. Something to look forward to - it’s something I had on my bucket list as something to do when I retire, but I decided to bring it forward and do it while I’m still mobile enough to enjoy it.

And in the meantime, I’ll keep doing my exercises as a way of fighting back against the beast.

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Hello Mitzi,

The sixteen are always doing concerts all over the place. If you check their web site you might find a date by you. Book early though. We’ve also seen Stylo antica and Ex cathedra but the sixteen are the best. The Orient Express sounds good-all that luxury.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve

A fall does knock your confidence, but stay positive and enjoy that concert, bit like sticking two fingers up the ms.

Have a lovely birthday next week.

Pam x

Good for you Steve, that’s a great attitude you have

Jan x

Wow Mitzi, the Orient Express! Lovely. I think you’re doing the right thing doing it now. Not just because of your potential health problems but you just never know what will crop up later. Enjoy it.

Cath x

Brilliant positive thinking, Steve! I’m jealous about The Sixteen, too. I should think their carol concerts are a cut above your average 9 carols and lessons. Classy. I do like that Harry Styles, too

Happy Birthday Steve :slight_smile:

Take care out there

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