fall, floor

Hi all.

After spending the night on the floor after a misjudged transfer, (new settee not used to it yet) I was wondering if anybody had used those air bags that pump up and raise you high enough to get on a seat, what they are called and were to get them?


Sorry cant help you but I hope you are ok after your fall? Sure someone will be along to help you soon. Look after yourself. Linda x

I think I know what you mean, but the ones I remember seeing were more of a platform that rises rather than an inflatable. Probably sturdier but more expensive.

Hi, an OT gave me one of those. But I can`t recall the name, sorry.

we never used it as I didnt think it looked safe. We returned it unopened.

But why not ask your OT, if you have one, about it?


Hi everyone

Thanks for the replies, your concern and ideas.

Not to worry I do tend to bounce, throw back to my youth.

Anyway no harm done it was more of a slide.

But I did have a sore bum and a few aching joints this morning.

Never thought of asking the OT.



I saw one on One Born every minute before. There was a disabled woman who had a baby and she was given one to help her get down on the floor to play with her baby and help her back up.

I’m not sure if it’s useful for falls though as you’d have to have it in the exact spot. Have you a personal alarm which would summon help?