For the last few days I have been troubled a bit by floaters in my right eye. Have had them for a long time but they seemed worse, they are not so bad now, but the vision in my right eye is poor, it is like looking through a dirty window. Anyone know if this murky vision might be ms related, before I bother the optician/mygp? It has only happened today.

If your vision is like looking through a dirty window I would go straight to my optician, as it can be caused by many different things and nothing at all to do with ms. I also had the same experience and it turned out to be cataracts, not saying that is what is wrong with you but there is always a possibility. Your gp probably wouldn’t be able to tell exactly what it is. The floaters are litlle bits of jelly that have come away from the back of your eye. But do see the optician and let us know how you get on.



Posterior vitreous detachment but see an Optician - unlikely to be caused by MS. My name is Marcus and my wife is an Optometrist and it is ‘her. diagnosis’ - I myself have had MS for 13+ years.

Good luck, (It only could be that - try to get somebody (Optician?) to look at it within the next few days) she says that she can’t tell if that is what it is.

Marcus. x.

Thanks to both of you. Got an appointment with the optician tomorrow.


Many years ago, before I was diagnosed with ms, I had symtoms very similar to yours. Only one eye was affected and I described it as like looking through dark, murky water. It was diagnosed as optic neuritis,. so it was ms related. I think you should be properly assessed as I am sure there could be many other explanations.

Good luck.