Eyes playing tricks


Iv gpt another appt with neuro on tuesday and im trying to get a list together of symptoms.

Iv not mentioned vision problems to him yet and feel uncomfortable telling him about them as they dont make alot of sense.

At times i experience moving around, other times i have flashing of lights when i move my eyes, iv noticed this more when i trying to walk and look up and down to see where im going. Iv had the odd time when iv had stabbing in my eye and once my eyeball would not move.

Can anyone relate to what im describing?


I do not have these particular vision problems but I have had others and understand how hard it is to communicate something so strange to someone else.

You have described what is happening, and the oddness of it, very clearly. I would suggest that you do the same when talking to the neurologist. They are very accustomed indeed to hearing people trying to explain very strange things, so do not worry in the slightest about that. But they only know what is going on when we tell them. Every piece of information helps them to piece together what is going on.


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