Eyes getting really annoying

Going to try n see doc today, been trying since mon. Either sleep through the alarm or turn up late for walk in or no apts. so gonna have alarm on loud for 8.28 n hope to see someone. My eyes are getting really bad, don’t think swellings gone down as so blurry n sore. Not sure wat they can do tho. Got neuro on 5th nov, might just be told to wait for them. X

If dr aren’t able to do anything I’d go see an optician just in case. Nothing wrong with getting anything double checked that’s bothering you.

I hope you get some answers soon. xx

Told I had optic swelling a few wks ago, saw optician n eye clinic at the host the next day. Was waiting for neuro on 5th nov. But saw doc this morn n she called neuro n there going to try n get me in by the wknd. Waiting for call. Not sure what it’s for either to see neuro consultant or to have a LP. x