eye problem

Does anybody have pain in their eye like its trying to push out and makes for feel nauseous and my eye looks like its bulging out i havent got this all the time it comes and goes.

I’m going to nero on 4 sept its my secound visit since may i havent been well for several months from last mri i had there was only 1 leison on inner central lobe then i think he said but nero hadnt looked at scan himself yet and said he would do with college but said it could take some time since then ive had another episode much worse then b4 and its still going on im off work now and feeling awfull has anybody had that?

sorry about my spelling its awful at mo

sorry about my spelling its awful at mo

Hi, I had pain in my eyeball for a few days before I had optic neuritis. The pain lasted about 2 days, then stopped. Soon after I lost my vision in my good eye. ON is often diagnosed by looking at something red with the affected eye, if its washed out and pale pink its ON.

Take care


Bulging eyes isn’t a symptom of MS, but it’s important info for your neuro. You could call his secretary and tell her what’s going on; ask if it’s OK to wait till you see him.

It’s not worth taking risks with eyes so it would be worth seeing your GP too.

Karen x

I had this a few weeks ago and someone in work said my eye was not in co-ordination with the other it was turned and pupils were dif sizes looked mirror eye didnt seemed turned but pupils were dif sizes i was really exhausted that day as i am now.

so went to docs next day they said eye movements were ok and asked me to go to optiction so had apointment that day altough eye wasnt hurting then and he said eyes were fine needed glasses for comp as one eye was short sighted and other long sighted.

Maybe it looks bulged as the last episode was on my face and its not totally symetrical now only slightly husband says he cant see no dif but my friends say they can i notice more when im not well or notice on pics of myself.

Not feeling well in myself right leg and arm totally numb and painful, i hate it when i can do anything as it leaves me with nothing to do but to think about things or feel sorry for myself