Hi Folks

I am going for a brain and neck scan on saturday and awaiting a nerve test so very early days for me however, my right eye feels like I have conjunctivitus but it isnt its and apart from looking smaller than my left eye(maybe swelling around outside)been like this for 3 days and I am wondering if this too is nerve pain as I have a mild headache to accompany it mainly frontal also. Sorry for being a pin, my GP wanted me to inform DVLA as I have had 3 fits/strokes yet undiagnosed, I thought I would wait until I have a firm diagnosis of whatever this is as I am certainly not able to drive and wouldnt anyway.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, best to go and see your optician or see your GP. It could be the nerve that’s causing the problem and an eye exam will detect if that is so.

Hope it clears up soon and good luck with the scan on Saturday.

Pat x

Definitely agree with Pat - you need to get your eye properly checked out. An ophthalmologist is best, especially if there’s nothing showing - your GP can refer you.

Tell the radiographer about your eye pain on Saturday - he/she can maybe have a look at your optic nerves and add in a scan or two if they think it’s needed. Worth a try anyway!

Karen x

Thanks, its still bad feels like I have a spot on inner upper eyelid but I havnt and a lot of crusted sleep residue, yak got a terrible feeling of pressure in both ears today and especailly when I open my mouth around jaw, weird how strange odd symptoms just pop up but been having a really bad couple of days with nerve pain so may be that irritating things. Definately worth a go telling radiologist Rizzo, wont do any harm

Wendy x

Had my brain and neck scan yesterday and radiologist told me its not MS and that was what the Neuro was looking for. Pleased but also worried as to what this is as it must obviously mimic it, wonder what Neuro will do now any further tests.


A radiologist has no place telling you anything. Most of the people who run the scanners are not even radiologists (they’re radiographers), so if it was the person running the scanner who told you, they were seriously out of order!

There are lots of neurologial conditions which do not show up on MRI. If yours was clear, then it makes MS much less likely, but does not rule it out.

What the neuro does next will probably depend on what the results of your clinical exam were.

Hopefully it won’t be too long till you find out. Try not to think too hard about it - what will be will be!

Karen x