Eyes flashing

Last night, I was watching tele and kept getting a flashing sensation in my eyes. I turned the tele off and it carried on even in a dark room.
It was gone when I got up this morning.

Is this an MS thing or my brain telling me I need less screen time?
The latter would make sense as we’ve been isolating while we’ve all had covid so had way too much screen time!
But it panicked me and I’ve not had it before.

The most common cause of eye flashes is posterior vitreous detachment, which is an age related thing, and rare in people under the age of 40. It could be an MS thing too. Flashes and floaters are usually harmless. However:

If you are getting a load of floaters ‘dark spots that move around’ or vision changes, or ‘curtain’ across your vision then you should see an optician or opthalmologist straightaway (i.e. go to A&E) as it could be a detached retina that is serious.

Thanks For your reply :slight_smile: it hasn’t happened again so I’m hoping it was caused by too much tv!

Hi, I occasionally get visual migraines. I don’t have a headache, but suddenly it’s like looking through a kaleidoscope with different colours and flashing affecting parts of my visual field in either one or both eyes. It never lasts long, way less than 24 hours. The ophthalmologist told me (after an examination) it was likely to be this.

Yes that’s just what it was! Thank you :slight_smile: