Eye floaters......

Hi Everyone,

Does anybody suffer from floaters in the eyes? Mine have been steadily getting worse for the last 12 months and at times are really annoying. I find that if I am in a white room then they become troublesome and can start to make me feel spaced out. I am not a full blown MSer yet but “probable”, and was just wondering if its part and parcel of MS or something else to make me look even more like a hypocondriac.

Thanks in advance

I have noticed recently that I seem to have a lot of floaters. Don’t seem to have any other eye problems atm though so am hoping it is just one of those things. Not yet dxed. I have my first appt with a neuro in about 4 weeks so was planning to ask her about it.

Yes I get a lot of floaters. I was seen by the ophthalmologist who said it was PVD (posterior vitreous detachment). Apparently it’s quite common, and fairly harmless just annoying! If you experience changes to your vision it’s always worth getting checked out to be safe. Good luck.

I have HUNDREDS of them. I can see them when most when I look up at a clear blue sky. Mine look like cells. Tiny round things that have little dark centres.

I went to the optician and he said they are completely normal and they just occur as you get older. I was only 26 at the time! But am short sighted which apparently makes it more common.

Either way, your brain will gradually adjust and you’ll notice/see them less and less and they’re really not anything to worry about.

As has been said, it’s always worth getting these things checked out anyway, just to be sure.

PG xx

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i have always had them too. they are not ms related (as i understand it)


Do they ever go away? I have had them a year and I have perfect vision under a ophthalmologist since September who says caused by a auto immune disease. I had hoped it would clear up I find white rooms or background troublesome to read and very small print.

Same with me! Blank white sheets are the worst! My optician said floaters are quite normal. I’ve always been short-sighted - then middle age hit and I’m now having a problem reading small print too (have to take my glasses off) - it’s all age-related. Varifocals are sooo expensive!

Having said that, I’ve had floaters for the last 5 years and they are still there but are very,very slowly clearing.

Hay ho …

Emma x

I have noticed these too recently - again when looking at a white wall - and was worried that it might be connected with my MS - I was told no

Goodoh! Fell relieved. I am like you Emma - been short-sighted all of my life and now have to take glasses off to read, too ( even though they are varifocals! ). One less thing to worry about, anyway, which is good.

What is an eye floater?

For me a floater just looks like a piece of dirt floating about on the surface of my eye. It moves with the movement of my eye but at the same time moves randomly not on a set path. Look at a light coloured wall and move your eye to the side the floaters will follow the movement. About ten years ago I asked an optician what it was, she did explain but I can’t remember the explanation, only that she said it was an age thing and everyone gets them. Jan x

Minnie they can be ignored but are also annoying when you do notice them, a little like a ticking clock it’s only noticeable when you think about it. Jan x Ps I should say this is my take on floaters others may disagree.

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Thanks Jan, don’t think I’ve had it.

i got a load of them last thursday when i had been walking too far, so was tired and getting dizzy. i’ve still got them. if i focus on them, they are like jelly with black rims; there are two holes in the sheet of jelly; the jelly itself is like a dirty window, but it’s the black rims i notice all the time. at first i thought it was a fly caught in my glasses, but no.

Eat plenty (good food) and drink plenty (water) and they will disappear. Well it works for me. I have found it something to do with nutrition.

All the time ! I have optic neuritis and Ms so it’s bound to be one or the other or both … Anyway you are not alone !!

I like to think it’s just another sign of my short circuiting … Or that they’re fairies of course … See you’re not going mad ! … …Happy fairy hunting…

An increase in floaters can be a symptom of uveitis which can lead to blindness if left untreated for a long time. Floaters aren’t necessarily something to worry about, but any changes to your vision are worth getting checked, just to be sure.