why do my eyes do this?


Bee having some strange dots in front of my right eye. There not floaters just static dots. Had eyes tested ap opticians they said everything was ok. I notice the dots more in bright day light.

Anyone else had these, im seeing neuro on friday so will mention this.

Thanks Christine

Hi, new to all this so forgive any mistakes. Sitting here feeling fed up watching tv through one eye because of double vision.

On a short dose of steroids so hoping to see properly again soon, has any body got any experience of this?

Hi there

Yes I had two episodes of double vision. One lasted about 3-4 weeks and the other lasted about 8 weeks. This was the start of investigations into MS. Before I was referred to a neurologist I saw several different eye doctors who prescribed prisms to be fitted into my glasses which adjust your vision so you see singular. As I still had the second bout of double vision when I saw the neurologist for the first time he prescribed a short high dose of steroids. It did seem to clear up not long after although the other symptoms (fatigue, dizziness, weakness etc) did take a while to go. Good luck and I hope it clears up quickly for you.

Paula X

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Hi Paula,

Thanks for your reply, it gave me hope. Im hoping the steroids work soon, its not good to be out of focus is it?

Jacquar x

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Hi, ive had a recent relapse which resulted in double vision.I was prescribed steroids which finished last Thursday. My eyes have just started to improve. Ive stayed off work this week and I know everybody is different but im thinking of going back to work next week. Has anybody any experience of this and could perhaps let me know if im foolish to rush back?