Anyone ever have Pars Planitis or Uveitis?

I am wondering if my floaters are caused by this? What were your symptoms? Also, if you had it, did you get treatments? If so, what? Thanks!

My neuro says my floaters are due to uveitis my vep showed nerve damage in both eyes so may be back on steroid drops.

Thats all I know so far sorry.

thanks! anyone else?

reading up on this, doesnt sound like it makes you blind, but it sounds pretty rare also.

Yes had uveitis for 2 years which led to my MS diagnosis. I was getting white moving things in my peripheral vision so went to eye hospital and as they were trying to find it the cause they sent me for an MRI and found out I had MS

Thanks! How did they diagnose your uveitis? I have been to two opth and neither can see anything in my virtreous, and no inflammation ,so they wont give me anything. Thinking about going to a third to see what they can see.

I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis in my right eye last November and then uveitis in both eyes in May this year, with floaters in my left eye but they wouldn’t treat either as my eyesight is still pretty good! Still in limbo at the moment though, awaiting VEP results.

My eye specialist did diagnose uveitis like January but I became more disabled over the year I changed gps my floaters were the first sign of ms and diagnosed Tuesday afternoon hoping steroids will help my vision.

Sorry to hear Alysea. I hope the steroids do help. Please let us know. Also, when you were dx with uveitis in January, did they give you anything for it then? Or did you have to wait til now?

Hey Gembo. I hear you! My eyesight is still 20/20 so they will not do anything. THey say if they give you steroids for it, it may do more harm than good.

Yeah pred forte steroid drops 4 times a day for 6 months then reduced the dosage down slowly until it was one drop a day for a month then I stopped using them they made pressure in eyes high I’m due to see eye specialist this month they did tell me off for stopping them lol

but I said I can take them again he said no it’s ok eye problem is first sign of ms I started in March 2013 with floaters went to my gp in June who told me to have an eye test, optician said nothing wrong besides a lazy eye they refered me to eye specialist I got checked over then refered for a 2nd opinion.

then he said I have iritis which is basically uveitis and think it’s caused by a auto immune disease, I was sent for bloods which showed inflammation then a chest X-ray which is needed for scardorsis, was clear.

when I mentioned in June I may have ms and thought I may be discharged he even looked at my MRI results, he said no we won’t discharge you until your sight is better this month I’ve been under them a year.

sorry for long post, side effects from steroids not letting me sleep argh.

Good luck J’er hope this helped and you don’t have it as long as I have 17 months is along time but I had unhelpful gp for a year who said to my sister he didn’t ever consider ms as I was too young ah well that’s life but hoping steroids help me a little.

when I see eye specialist again I’ll try find out more infomation in regards to uveitis. Also they did I might be on those drops for life had it on repeat.

thanks for the replies!