Optic neuritis

I’ve not been dx with it but think I’ve had it for over a year my ophthalmologist haven’t said what’s wrong with my eyes but when giving me a sick note he put uveitis this was like December / January time I’ve had floaters for about a year was worse in left eye now worst in my right but both are bad my eyes get sore and water alot.

its worse looking at white backgrounds makes my eyes hurt more I find out results and dx of ms next month waiting to see neurologist for vep and LP results.

my eyes like this for a year and under ophthalmologist a year next month who won’t discharge me until my eye sight clears up so I looked on Google and it says steroids can help it clears up and all I’ve had was steroid drops they did nothing.

A year is along time to wait for my eyes to clear up and as much as I hate being disabled my computer is on,y thing I enjoy away from all other problems which I gave up using a lot in February.

Has anyone had floaters like mine in both eyes and had it clear up by steroids in tablet form?


Isn’t one here I’ve managed a year like this doesn’t stop me seeing I’m already under specialists and my neuro is aware just wanted to know if steroids can help?

i already passed eye tests so it’s not that I think it could be optic neuritis but I’ll find out for certain with a dx next month.

Hi Alysea

I have had uveitus for over 3 years now. I regularly attend the Eye Pavilion (Uveitus Clinic). It really depends on whereabouts in your eyes the problem lies. anterior (front) intermediate (middle) posterior (back). steroid drops, they tell me, wont look at the back of the eye.(retina) I put steroid drops in my eyes for a long time, but they can cause raised pressure. Did have floaters, I also suffer from dry eye I did go on a short course of oral steroid but suffered bad side effects. Your VEP test should confirm if it is affecting the optic nerve. I have had every test available for my eyes, slit lamp,angiography. and many more. Could probably tell you more, but as you probably know everone is different

Your eye doctor should be able to do some independant testing for you. I am awaiting medication for my ms (tecfidera) and they tell me it may help my eyes.

I can empathise with anyone who has problems with there eyes,

Take care

Izzy xx

They did make pressure in my eyes high so I stopped using them did use them for 6 months they didn’t help.

i just have floaters across my field of vision eye specialist at my hospital referred me for a 2nd opinion and he just said iris.

i know I had inflammation at back of eye which went down with steroid drops.

my MRI showed areas of inflammation.

I’ll wait for vep and LP results 3 more weeks to wait neurologist couldn’t fit me in sooner.

Thanks Izzy

Hi Alysea

Hope you can get some answers soon, floaters are so so annoying I Just felt like I wanted to shut my eyes all the time, as trying to see passed them was impossible at times. Please keep posting and let us know how you are.

take care,

izzy xx

Thanks Izzy. Xx

did yours eventually go away as that’s what I’m hoping for at some point.

Hi Alysea

Yes so much better now. I still get the odd black spots. I was prescribed an immunosuppressant (Azothiaprine) about 6 months ago but it caused liver toxicity and I needed to stop taking it. The.consultants are still not sure what is causing my eye problems and I said before I am waiting to go on the new treatment for ms (tecfidera) which may help my eyes. You have got to just keep asking the doctors and hope that they can give you some answers. Googling is a good tool but can lead to a lot of confusion sometims, If you know what I mean!!

Izzy xx

So are floaters caused by MS? Or optic neuritis? Or some inflammation?

I’m afraid I don’t really know the answer to that one, I suppose it could be caused by all of them.

Izzy xx

My Optician said my floaters are an age thing, perhaps there are different kinds of floaters?

Jan x

Mine was one of first signs before I became disabled I had perfect vision I find it hard to read small print where a year ago I didn’t I agree with Izzy I think all 3 play a part in it.

Don’t think mine is age I’m only 34.