Optic neuritis

Hello! Not been here for a while but found this site very helpful around the time of my diagnosis in 2010. Thankfully I have been in very good health since then. I now have optic neuritis, I saw the optician this morning and he has spoken to my ms nurse who has got me an appt with the neurology registrar tomorrow morning to discuss possibility of treatment which I understand would be steroids. From what I’ve read it seems that on ON is often left to resolve itself. When I had a significant visual field defect 2 years ago they said it wasn’t worth treating it and it did clear up after about 9 weeks. My question is, should I push for steroids? Will they try and fob me off? Any advice from experience would be most useful! Thanks xxxx Ps, I’m female, aged 31, and not had treatment for anything ms related before


I had optic neuritis just before Christmas…was diagnosed with MS shortly afterwards ( had sudden onset double vision about 7 years before…no one knew what caused it til now!)

I wasn’t given steroids…apparently my vision is back to normal (after losing peripheral and colour vision in right eye) although i find it hard to track moving objects without them going a little blurred. My neuro said i have to be patient and should be back to normal within months…

Not sure i would want steriods unless really essential xx

I’m 35 and that was my first major relapse apparently!

Hope that helps



I have had ON, it did last for 4 months. I was given iv steroids about 3 and half months into it and it soon did clear up. Sometimes i get double vision but only last’s for 10-15 mins. I would go for the steroids if i had a relapse again, but i know i get on well with them. Only the pill form give me any side-effects, bad stomach and restless nights.


Thanks both… Another q, if you drive, did you continue to drive with the ON? Xx

I didn’t drive…there was no way i could see well enough to!! So thinking of it that way it has improved a lot!! x

Have you had VEP test done? x

Hmm I don’t feel confident to drive other but optician said my other eye is good enough and people can drive with only one eye. I had vep tests as part of the diagnosis process but results normal… ( the MRI and LP results led them to diagnosis) Thanks again for you reply x

I’ve got residual symptoms from optic neuritis I experienced a few years ago - left with blurred vision, reduced colour perception in one eye and double vision when tired… DVLA are aware and, as instructed, I usually wear an eyepatch when driving. People are allowed to drive with a prosthetic eye as long as the DVLA are aware so I suppose this is the same if your other eye is ok.

I had IV steroids about a week after the optic neuritis symptoms started and TBH the recovery I had was minimal, but apparently the steroids only speed up recovery to the stage it would reach untreated anyway.

Hi, from my experience and understanding of O.N. the steroids can help it calm down more swiftly , but don’t affect the overall end result of the vision left , so personally I would go for I.V. steroids , it’s a miserable condition that is best got on it’s way ?

as far as driving , yes I still drive occasionally with O.N. in one eye , but have to go for D.V.L.A. independant eye tests to get my 3 year license


Hello.Welcome back.

I have had ON twice,both times in my right eye and offered steroids but never taken them.

I was also told that I could drive as my good eye was enough.I couldn’t believe they could say that as the weird stuff coming through my bad eye was so unsettling I used to put a patch over it to stop it making me feel sick.

I feel my sight has returned enough to not complain about it. I do get blurred vision when tired and colour changes are only really noticeable if I cover my good eye to compare etc.

I drove about 12weeks after my first bout and back to work,the second bout occured as part of a big relapse,and its physical residuals rather than vision that stop me driving now.

Steroids is up to you but I saw no need as I felt I would rather keep those for if I really need them.

Take care Pip


Sorry you are suffeirng with ON. I have had this on and off since diagnosis in 2005. I’ve had steroids for it and have also rested lots and it has eased by itself without steroids.

To be honest. There wasn’t a lot of difference between taking steroids and not taking steroids. Mind you, that was my personal experience and yours may be completely different. I would listen to the professionals and remember it should resolve itself in time and get lots of rest and try and keep cook. I have found that placing an ice pack over the eye really helps.

Take care of yourself and I hope it eases soon for you.

Shazzie xx


No when my eyes where playing up i was just diagnosed so i couldn’t drive until the dvla said it was ok. But if it happens again i would not drive because we don’t know how bad it will get before improving.

My VEP both my eyes came back in the normal range. But their was a slight differance between them, causing the double vision.

Must admit my legs went numb but i could still walk so it didnt bother me. But when my eyes went funny was when i was worried, so everyone that has ON has my sympathy it is horrible. But it can fully clear up.