Inflammation back of eyes

Eye sight was my first symptom I was diagnosed uveitis last June, sensitive to light so I keep in not so bright rooms, I see floaters and was told its due to inflammation but after being under a othomologist for a year almost 2 after using pred forte 1% drops since this time, I was told the inflammation is gone.

My sight is no different still the same but they want to keep me under observation for now, has anyone had this? And how long until it starts to get better? I have progressive Ms.


I’ve always had floaters, can remember ‘watching’ them when I was younger. Had a bout of uveitis in both eyes several years ago and the floaters increased, I had a particularly annoying one in the left eye which has now completely gone (been reabsorbed I imagine along with the other ‘dark’ floaters the uveitis caused) but I still have ‘Lava-Lamp’ floaters in the left eye, the right eye has just the ones I’ve always had. The Lava-Lamp floaters are clear but create a very slight ‘shadow’ from time to time as they move about like the blobs in a lava-lamp. I have to concentrate on them directly in order to see them specifically.

My sight is not really any different, I have an eye test at the optician once a year (because my Mother has glaucoma) and they keep tabs on the floaters that are still present, they’re not getting any worse and have improved a bit - its been around 10 years now thinking about it.

I know I was used to having floaters before the uveitis but I think that even if I hadn’t I would have gotten used to the lava-lamp in my left eye.

Mine are loads black and white and they are so bad it’s making my vision worse I had perfect sight until then it’s all Ms connected even eye specialist said its cause of a auto immune condition.