Eye problem

Was diagnosed 4 months ago but had my first relapse 6 years ago. I now have eye pain in my left eye, no visible injury and nothing appears to be in it. Went to drs as obviously am worried about optic neuritis. She has made me an appointment for the morning to go to eye casualty. She can’t see anything wrong but said be better to get it checked out. I have no visual problems currently.

What are people’s experiences with there eyes? It’s been painfull for about 24 hours now.

I am glad there is an emergency eye clinic in your hospital - I have also been seen quickly by the same route. Maybe it’s optic neuritis and maybe it isn’t: the thing about eyes is that they really need an expert opinion, and quickly, because some (non-MS) eye problems need urgent attention. I hope that you make good progress tomorrow. Alison

I had Optic Neuritis a few years ago with pain that felt like it was behind the eyeball, I get occasional stabbing pains in the same place now and again but I’ve found it doesn’t get worse if I sleep for a while. I take it as an early warning signal now.

I hope yours improve very soon.


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