Optic neuritis

Hello I’m new on here so please excuse my nievity. In my twenties I was diagnosed with acute Optic Neuritis then a few years later I’ve had several times retro bulbus neuritis. Im now 42 the past week I’ve had horrendous pain in and behind my left eye . I cannot touch my eye as it hurts so much my visual fields I. This eye is shot as is vision . My left side of face has a feeling of numbness but so so painful at the same time I suppose you’d say a spongy feeling . I am popping codeine tablets to no help . I’m so scared to go to doctors anyone else have these symptoms ?

Arrange an emergency appointment with your GP first thing and get him/her to book you in with your nearest eye clinic for a same day appointment. I understand your fear and apprehension but you must not delay; it may or may not be MS related but it seems that you need to be examined as a matter of urgency. If it is really awful now you could go to A&E.

Keep your chin up and let us all know how you get on.

Best wishes


Teresa. Don’t take any chances with your eyes, take Alun’s advice and see someone first thing tomorrow, or even this evening. The sooner you start treatment the better.

Hope all goes well,


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hi teresa,

sorry to hear that you’re having a crap time. that really sounds like the migraines that i had before my diagnosis. if so they are really unpleasant but mercifully not life threatening. I would phone 111 to be on the safe side…

hope all gets better, fluffyollie xx


This has happened to me before, my advise is get straight down to A/E never mind the doctors just A and E. Good luck I know how painful it is and what it can do. Good luck.