Eye pain

Have woken up this morning with a painful eye. It’s red and hurts when I blink and I can’t bear the light. I have have had Optic Neuritis a long time ago but I lost my vision, that hasn’t happened thank goodness. Not sure if to go to A&E or the doctors. Any thoughts on this one. Thanks Rosie xx

Hi Rosie, I also get eye pain from time to time, and if it doesn’t go with the usual remedies, I’ll speak to my MS Nurse. They’re normally really good at offering advice but I’d say if you’re concerned, speak or go to the doctor’s or even speak to an optician. That’s what I did when I first time I had optic neuritis - had blurred vision one morning left it a couple of days but then booked an appointment with a local optician. He was very good and then advised me what to do next. Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

I wouldnt bother with A&E the stress of waiting is horrible.

I get eye pain a lot. see your GP make sure you havent got an infection or something. see what they say. One bout turned out to be ingrowing eye lash. I kid you not. so painful i was pulling my hair out with it.

Eye is a sensitive organ of human. So get suggestion from a eye specialist.