eye disturbance's with balance problems

just wondered if this sounds familular to anybody else. I had a bad bout of Vertigo last October and since then my balance has been terriable. The vertigo seems under control with medicine now. But not the dizziness. I have had blurred vision in the past but yesterday whilst walking to the local shop, my vision became distorted and it lasted about 20 minutes. It was like looking through a window covered in large rain drops. Having been diagnosed with Meniere’s Desease I felt I had a little respite from wondering what was going on. Anyway, I revisited the GP a few days ago and he says now that the balance problems are due to the cervical spondilytis I have nipping small arteries in the back of the neck which in turn stops blood from going to the back of my brain for a short while. So my question is, do you think the eye distortion could be the same thing? what do you think.



Hi Catherine My vision in my left eye at the start of the week began to become blurry it started for just a few minutes then became longer. I went to the opticians on Tuesday who referred me to the hospital to see the eye specialist and I was diagnosed Wednesday with Optic neuritis which they said is very comman with people with MS. The specialist advised my eye sight will naturally get better, they declined to give me steriods as I have perfect sight in my right eye and the benefits to the steriods would only fasten the recovery time on my left eye. I would suggest popping into your opticians so they can have a look at your eyes. Polly x

I will, thanks Polly


Catherine have you had ENG tests done with your Meniere’s ??

I have optic neuritis in my right eye, and dizziness and vertigo. i was just wondering, what drug are you on for the vertgo? as i have tried many which don’t work, and is desperate for any new thing that may help ease it.