Hi all hope everyone is as well as can be

had a relapse lastFriday 10th April This has been my first since diagnosed 2010.

It was strange, my right eye and it looked like I had a piece of vision loss and strangely my right eye that I had originally had since my diagnosis had felt heavy suddenly it’s totally back to normal. I rang my Ms nurse to advise and she recommended an eye test which I have booked for Saturday. She said this sounds like a relapse.

Today my eye has gone back to normal. Now I felt brilliant on the 10th 11 and 12th(good job cause it was my Birthday on 10th)

now since yesterday ive been feeling really bad exhaustion to the extent of me just wanting to close my eyes and do nothing.its even hard work to think and concentrate on things,

I guess am wondering if this is normal, relapse then fatigue! I’ve normally only had the fatigue.

Thanks Ann x

hi ann

it depends - we all have different experiences of ms.

glad that your eyes are back to normal.

as for fatigue i have it constantly.

been sentenced to fatigue without parole!

rest as much as you need, then a bit more because we always underestimate how much we need.

let other people pick up the slack.

don’t feel guilty because you are poorly right now.

relapses really take it out of us, it’s as though we have been fighting a battle (which we have).

get comfy and rest now.

carole x