Small relapse-eyes

Is it normal after a relapse to get a type of headache that stays around except when taking painkillers?

Its the first proper one I’ve had I lost some vision in my eye but it returned to normal after a couple of days or so, I then had fatigue worse than normal for about a week.i had a appointment with optician and he couldn’t see any damage.

Any thoughts anyone?

hi smokey

it sounds like optic neuritis and probably part of your relapse.

that would explain the increased fatigue.

have you spoken to your ms nurse?

carole x

Hi Carol

I did speak to her last Friday,in which she indicated the same , but just said a relapse,and to keep her posted, I did ring her this morning,but got answer message saying she was out today but back tomorrow so ill ring again then.

I hope I don’t have any more problems as I’m off on holiday to create on the 1st of May.

Ann x

hi ann

hopefully she will say to take steroids and you’ll be ok.

hope so and enjoy crete.

there’s a good book called “the island” by victoria hislop.

it’s about ans island off crete called “spinalonga” which was used as a leper colony.

very sad at first but happy ending once medication began to change things and change attittudes.

carole x