Hi all, After a ropey three months I am starting to feel a bit more myself. Went swimming twice last week and to the gym today. Managed a 30 min walk on the treadmill, quite a bit slower than normal, but I was really chuffed to do it. My balance still isn’t great and so using a stick to help, but keen to do something to get my muscles working. Just wanted to share as I am feeling quite positive :slight_smile: X

Well done hun. I’m sure exercise helps. I love my pilates classes xx

Well done, Star! Personally, I feel safer on a cross-trainer than on a treadmill - I don’t have to lift my feet so there is less chance of falling! I really must find the motivation to start using it again…

Its amazing how a little thing like a bit of exercise you couldn’t a month ago can make you feel so chuffed with yourself. Well done you.

I agree with Lisalou - I find exercise really helps. My routine has been a bit off recently - too much work. But I will get back into it - promise!!!


I know how you fel Star1981…I can’t wait to get back to it!xx

Hi Star,

They always say you should keep active and going swimming is one of the best all round activities you can do. It exercises all your body and is excellent at toning up and keeping the weight off.

I have always thought, that you should try to attempt some sort of exercise, purely because it is proven to be good for you. Helps with your digestion and keeping active gives you that little bit extra when encountering a problem you find yourself in alone with no helper to assist you.

I exercise at least 3 times a week, usually in the council liesure centre gym. I spend about an hour there, working on my legs, to keep them moving and my upper body/shoulders, because there the muscles I need so I can pick myself up after I either trip or fall !!

Often after a while you will find that going to the local gym will build up a close knit group of fellow “gym buddies”, who will watch out for you and give you support or another social group to talk to.

You could ask your local MS Branch, maybe they have some sort of fitness club set up already and could provide transport, maybe.

Well I hope you are feeling the urge !! (My motto is “Use it or loose it.”)

Yours. Andy

[quote=“LISALOU”] Well done hun. I’m sure exercise helps. I love my pilates classes xx [/quote] Hi

Sounds a silly question but what is/are pilates ?


Cheers all! My leg muscles are feeling it a bit today but nothing too bad. I’m aiming to get back into my routine of 3 times a week. It’s a lovely pool and gym to use and right in my village. I think a stroll around Tesco will stretch my legs out :slight_smile: Ronin, Pilates is a form of strength exercise. Similar to yoga style but more about building strength in the core and other muscles. Also very good for flexibility. It’s meant to be good for MS’ers xx

Well done to anyone who puts themselves out to get to the gym/ pool or both, I joined a gym with pool about 6weeks ago after my nurologist said I should swim, as its good for resistance and coordination, I swam 3times, struggled to get from changing room to pool and back but did it, then went to Marbella for our annual break, think the heat knocked me back this time, never has before!!! I love to lye in the sun on a beach, but since been back nuro has just put me on steroid thinking iv had mild relapse, will try to get back to pool ASAP, so easy to just sit in this chair. Lol

Good stuff - remember, no matter how little your doing, your still lapping everyone on the couch…i go to the gym and a wee bit of swimming…not breaking any records but trying…