Ergh... So tired

Well last night was a late one… Sat having tea last night and the soon to be mother in law calls… Theres an ambulance on it way as she has fallen off her horse. We sat in A&E and waited for her to get moved for them to keep an eye on her for a few hours before she could come home. Today Im shattered and just to make it better Im having muscle spasms in my back and have a dress fitting at 12.30 today… I think I need my bed!!

hi sammie

this ms fatigue is a strange creature.

sitting in A & E for a few hours is a bad experience for anyone, add to that the fact that you have ms and its no wonder that you feel “eergh”

hope the dress fitting goes well.

carole x

Hope your dress fitting went well, very exciting Xxx

Thanks both! Dress fitting went fab!! I managed a good hour in my killer heals without falling asleep or over haha. Luckily I have some flats for after the ceramony and meal! On a good note my dress is getting taken up and taken in! I think Im going to get an early night ready for work tomorrow xxx