this is so annoying

Hi all, Just having a moan because I’m so fed up of this awful fatigue. I could sleep all night and all day. Anything I do, even the smallest thing wipes me out. Sorry to whinge Xx

don’t apologise vinnygirl

i’m fed up of it too. i told me neuro that it is the most disabling thing about ms,

we should book a pity party!

carole x

Not at all, I’ve been the same with fatigue recently. It was awful during the hot weather too. It’s been scorching where I live, i think the hottest was 33C in the shade :s so this weekend I’m just taking it a lot easier. Not rushing or doing lots of things.

the other day I went shopping for the first time in a long time. So, not too bad, took my time, the shopping trolley was great for support as I walked round. The funniest bit was the packing. I just could not do it at speed. But the lady on the till was lovely and slowed down to let me catch up. When I got home I was knackerred but round of myself at the same time.

the fatigue will ease up hunni, and when you feel up to it set yourself a challenge…only a little one. I love to set myself little goals. If I fail, so what? Xxx