Epsom Salt baths

Hi, leg stiffness getting me down. Went for a light massage today will see how I feel tomorrow.

Lady recommended me to take Epsom Salt baths - maybe 2 a week as would help to relax muscles and

absorb magnesium which is missing in lots of peoples diets.

Anyone else tried these? Think it’s like a mini detox.

Thanks Jen

I did try them years ago and they did help, you’ve just reminded me about them so I’ve ordered some from Amazon. I’ll let you know how it goes this time.

Hiya I suffer with pains in my legs and arms . I have empsom salt bath and feel much better afterwards .you got lye in it for twenty mins for it to absorb into your body , before you wash . ( hope this makes sense ) . It’s what I got told and works for me . I also take magnesuim malate which helps my pain a lot . Much better with taking it xxx Hope this helps xxxx

Good old fashioned Epsom Salts -which also was called Fynnon Salts - which is magnesium - is at long last reconised as being a really good health supplement/aid. Apart from its help for constipation - its also good for painful joints/restless legs etc.

So are Grannies were right after all!!!

lts better to take this then rely on painkillers so much.


I want a bath putting in.I do miss a good soak.

luv Pollx

Thanks, as I said hadn’t heard of it, anything is worth a try.

Can you use an epsom salt scrub Poll?

Jen x

Poll, Have a footbath with epsom salts - give those tootsies a soak. Level teaspoon full will get you going as well. Just make sure you are not planning to go out anywhere on that day.


Well l did it last night - had a bath with the epsom salts in - used a mug full- it worked so well l did not need to take painkillers before going to bed and during the night . Have answered on Jaycies post - Which is similar thread.


Right, I have just ordered some epsom salts bath soak from Holland and Barret, as I had a loyalty voucher from them, which they kept reminding me I hadn’t used yet, plus today was the last day of a “free delivery” offer. So as the effective cost to me was zero, I reckoned it was worth a try.

I hope I get on better than with magnesium oil spray, though, because I tried that some time ago, and ended up throwing it away, because it hurt.

I was very sceptical whether magnesium could be absorbed through the skin in the form of an oil anyway, so I didn’t expect it to do anything. It did - but not in a good way. :frowning: It stung like when you dry yourself after going in the sea. Hopefully the soak might be better.


The heat from the bath makes my leg light up on the nerves in the leg.