Environmental Control Services

Morning all,

I have been told about The Environmental Control Services.

This service provides assessment for electronic assistive technology equipment to enable people with complex physical disabilities to live with a degree of independence in the community.

Has anyone been lucky enough to have this and does it help?


hi caz

from the post title i expected you to talk about rats and mice.

i think i’m thinking of pest control by environmental services - sorry.

good to know that there could be help for people with complex physical difficulties.

look forward to reading your other replies.

carole x

My hubby now has this equipment and he presses one button that runs through and speaks the channels on the TV which helps his now bad eyesight.

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And I misread it as ‘Environmental Carol Services’ and thought that they must be either rather late or very early.smiley

In fact, it sounds like an excellent idea. It is so hard finding the right titles for these things, isn’t it? I remember how an elderly relative used to laugh when told that the nice lady who had come to help make her bungalow safer and more convenient was an Occupational Therapist.

‘But I don’t have an occupation any more,’ she protested, ‘and I don’t want one either, thank you very much: I’m 89!’


Good stuff!


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Once you have heard about these things (and I had never heard of them before) suddenly they’re everywhere! I have just seen a parked van in NHS livery that is clearly the Bristol version of your Environmental Control Service - can’t remember what they called it exactly, but the same function for sure.