Enjoy the dinners winners

Off to have some fodder with the minions & polish off the rest of the treats.

The new year is a total detox & dietary change. Eating the top 15 health foods.

Going to give onion tea a try & the garlic, ginger, honey tea too.

Merry Christmas to everyone & a happy new year.

Multiple Sclerosis will not beat the human spirit!!!

hiya terry

hope u enjoyed your meal yest!

e x

Terry, you may be a bit of a nutter but you’ve been a total inspiration with your posts this year.

MS is the stuff on our shoe. That’s all it deserves.



Food was awesome Ellie, thanks. The stuffed Terry is going to get ship shape in 2018 & stop listening to idiots. Those with MS know what MS is. We’re in the know & I’m much wiser, now I’m through all the chaos.

Cheers Steve. This nightmare year is almost over. No more MS specialist visits at the hospital. My driving licence returned & contact with good friends. It’s all helps. Ditching the know it alls is key & finding a healthy balance. I’m taking 6 Apple Cider Vinegar capsules a day & shoveling multi vitamin foods in my routine. With the Circulation Booster, fresh air & exercise. Things are getting put right. Roll on 2018. I’ve got my A1 size organizing Calender ready. Terry

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It’s lovely to hear from you Terry , I’ve been ill with flu despite having the flu jab so I haven’t eaten much at all . I hope you have lots of interesting plans for next year . Are you still going out on your electric bike ? It’s been a bit cold here . I’ve been out shopping with Molly she loves looking in the charity shops she’s collecting dolls …we are over run with them ., she has her own pips so it’s not too expensive for me . We’ve just stopped and had a drink in Costa , I had the spiced apple with cinnamon, it’s lovely . Michelle and Frazer xx

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All my best wishes for 2018 Michelle. I’ve become the designated driver for the life starters. Not drinking & driving usually earns people money on New Years Eve. Terry’s Taxi is underestimated & unappreciated, yet someone has to make sure people survive. I’ve got a steak dinner for tomorrow. So it’s all going smooth. The healthy new year will start soon & I’ve ditched most the cling ons. Everyone should look after themselves.