My last post

For 2019!!!

All my best wishes for 2020 folks. Let’s make things better.

Off to get some decent steak & fresh veg. To start the year off with a good batch of stew.

You’re all awesome.

Regards Terry


Aww Terry you had me worried I’m glad it was just your last post of 2019 , we love you on this forum I would miss you if you stopped sending us messages about your fun . Michelle and Frazer xx

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I’m stuck here Michelle. Mention MS to the healthy & get bombarded with whatever floats their boat. Use or lose it & keep supplementing with good stuff is going to continue.

From baking soda in my coffee, soup-er garlic boosts & soaking my feet in Apple Cider Vinegar.

Whatever I’ve been doing, as been far better for me, than the usual advice.

Totally loopy from their prospective & yet they secretly try & never mention.

Take care out there.


Happy new year Terry wishing you all the best for 2020! it sounds as though 2020 is in the future not at midnight tonight lol.

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All the best for another decade jaydee.

The count down will pass by in my slumber. I came to my senses, with regards to all the fakery.

We know what our future is & it’s going to be awesome!!!

Had me worried too Terry. Thought you were leaving!

All best wishes for the new year. Life’s what you make it. Xx

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Happy new year Terry and everyone else, let’s hope it’s a good one for all of us.

Pam x


Happy New year to all of you. You had me a bit concerned with your final post topic, but I was very relieved to read the rest Terry.


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Happy new year Terry.

2020 will be better. I’ll get stronger, you’ll turn into a captain of your own industry and Michelle’s dog will learn to talk.

We can dream and we can try. Without you and the others, I’d be wrapped in a deadly web of despair or even an active aleatoric avalanche of agonising alliterative anguish.

Let the good times roll.


Happy New Year Terry and all I hope 2020 is kind to everyone.

Jan xx

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HAPPY NEW YEAR. I checked what happened 1920

I hope they find a cure for MS this year but not holding my breath, its too late for me damage done, but for future MS generations would be great.


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