Energy Boost

Good Morning It,s 4.20 am on what looks like another beautiful day, as you can guess I,m awake. Have had MS for 13 years now and am tired, I need an Energy Boost can anybody please recommend a good combination of vitamins or foods that can make me feel 30 again. Look forward to your comments when you get up.

I’m going Anon cos the only thing I can think of would make me feel thirty again is fit looking Thirty year old ! X

I have a constant supply of fruit at hand to snack on, mostly it’s fresh but sometimes I get dried fruit as well - dates, prunes, apricots etc. I try to avoid high sugar processed energy foods, although they work short term the crash afterwards isn’t worth it.

Dear Anon,

I can recommend fresh juice!

I started making my own juice a while ago and it certainly makes a difference to my energy levels. I know this because when I don’t have it regularly my energy drops.

I don’t have an expensive juicer, it cost around thirty pounds and I’ve had it a long time though only using it conscientiously for about eighteen months.

You can use both fruit and vegetables but what I use daily for sure are, apple, orange carrot and beetroot, a bit of lemon and ginger. I will put beetroot tops in if they are fresh, sometimes put in lettuce, cucumber, green beans, cabbaage, spinach. It’s all to your taste really.

I am very fortunate in having a local organic farm nearby so practically all my veg comes from there and I try to buy organic fruit too. Strange as it may seem, my vegetables are cheaper than buying non organic in the supermarket!

It seems to me the better the quality of the food we eat, the better help we are giving our bodies. I don’t eat processed food either.

I wish you luck being exhausted all the time is no fun



i suggest 30 mins of reiki