Emotional distress and muscle clenching

Hey every one. This is my first post. For the simple question jump to bottom. The rest is me describing more in depth my personal situation.

I do not have a current diagnosis but my doctor is sending me to see a neurologist for testing. Since then I started looking at some of the symptoms now and peoples descriptions, I find many things possibly explained.

I came here because I know only those experiencing symptoms can accurately describe and/or recognise the others descriptions. Otherwise describe blue to a blind man while your color blind. Or just talk to a doctor. You understand.

One thing I want to know in particular has to do with the over reactive emotional responses. I can handle my life being flipped upside down being forced to move do to a crappy land lord. Now ask me a question about something I have to do out of the order I am doing it in and stop me from processing what else im doing… done.

Its like the gears grind and all thought stops and hysteria follows. Like a drug released in my stomach spreads through my body and confuses and enrages me at the same time making me incredibly sad and upset that I feel like the entire day is gone. It pretty much is after how run down and sore I am. Or trying to even think of what I can do after and re asses how much energy I have left, could trigger me again and take the rest of my energy.

While this happens my jaw, my abs, arms, legs, chest are all tightening squeezing me in. I wont even breath.

Its like a child having a tantrum but contained inside my body my mind and I just want to scream and cry and laugh and be dead. < NOT suicidal!!!< its just the simplest and logical way for that all to stop as that is all my brain wants to compute so its the answer that is presented on how to stop the cycle. It all goes away dies down and any thought or trigger swirls it right back. I have to just distract myself and stay on the moment to get back to doing things. I cant force it because then I am thinking of a path instead of the path unfolding before me

If I try and fight the muscles tensing up I only hurt my back more

Even if I have mental clarity the emotions still try and run rampant, and the muscles still pull and jerk.
( not so much jerk that is more random and for no reason. ) My wife will noticed something threw me off but I stay calm and tell her its ok I just need to not think for a min. She understands and wont ask me any questions. Still even with the clarity and ability to calmly communicate my muscles will still pull become tense. Like im screaming with everything I got but not doing anything at all.

So Simple side of the Q’s are- When having an emotional moment and you cant think at all, do you have these muscle tensions?
Do they’re bring you into the fetal position? like your trying to fold a frying pan with your stomach over and over, or for long squeezes.

Is this also MS symptom? Do you experience this? What helps?


you need a strategy to help you relax those muscles.

mindfulness meditation is marvellous.

based on breathing and these days i just jump straight to deep breathing.

try it.

inhale for a count of three, hold that breath for count of 3, exhale long and slow for count of at least 6 (blow that breath out).

do you take any meds for muscle relaxing - diazepam, baclofen and the like.

ask your gp or pharmacist if the dose can be tweaked.

it sounds really horrid and painful but if you can calm those muscles down it should become better.