please watch my video, want advice :)

hey, i have many symptoms that present as MS but i think it probably is not and so does my neurologist especially after MRI came clean. I find my neurologist difficult though, not good for listening and seems to be clutching at straws and is not sure really what is going on with me. i’m going to be tested to pots but it doesn’t fit at all for me either.

I have this thing that i can’t find anything about online, when i tense a muscle they spasm like crazy, at least they did before amitriptyline, now they still spasm but much less, and this drug has helped me a great deal.

here is a link to a video of what happens, here i am just thensing the muscles in my arms, the movement is involuntary, but stops when i relax muscles. i feel this is why i was in so much pain, like the muscles are working against eachother or something.

please if someone else has this let me know :slight_smile: