Has anyone had one of these and how were you afterwards? I had mine yesterday and today I cannot believe how bruised I am. I literally have a bruise and swelling the size of a fist where each of the needles went in and am in sooo much pain. I had serious doubts about having it done anyway and am now really regretting it.

Sorry to just pop in to moan and ask questions but I am sending you all lots of love and hope you are all having as good a time as possible.



Managed to avoid that one - and very glad I am too after your description! Ouch!

Let's hope it turns out it was worth it.

Karen x

Hope you feel better soon Jacqui, sounds horrible!

P xx


Ive had two this year and though the results were very different both hurt fairly equally.

I wrote a post at the time butt can't seem to find it.

It was like an outdated method of torture!

I think the descriptions in the little leaflets you get were not written by people who've had it done.

On the bright side, you will be less sore in 2-3 days,

Gill x

Thanks both of you. I have more strength in the forearm muscle today and the bruises, whilst very impressive indeed, don't hurt as much. I argued against having my legs done at the same time and am so glad I did as my friend would have been taking home a torso rather than just me being armless! tounge

The guy doing it said that if there were lesions on my brain, even if only a few, then that was more likely to explain my symptoms but obviously had to do what was requested.

Hope everyone is well today. It seems where I live is about the only place that doesn't have any sun at the moment.

J xx


Hi Jacqui

Had one 6 months ago - lets just say it wasn't the most comfortable experience I had. But I grin and bore it if it was going to help me get any closer to answers at the time. Throughout the procedure and for at least a few days after pain in my back flared up - which wasn't so nice.

Hope you're on the mend.X