EMG experiences


I am due an EMG in a couple of weeks, told it is both the electrodes to test nerves and the needle inserted into the muscle tests.

Anyone have experience of the latter? Wondering what to expect, painwise mainly, and any after affects as well



yes have had both more than once there is nothing to worry about it is not sore it took around 20 minutes for me hope it goes well g

I had these tests last week, I was quite nervous going in but less so after I read some more about it. It was very quick, all I csn say is some of the electric oulses shocked me a bit and felt a bit uncomfortable but other than that it was painless. The needles I wasnt expecting (the guy I saw was very thorough and went above and beyond) were painless I didnt even realise what he was doing untill he pulled it out the second time. A bit of a shock when looking at the needles going in but other than that it was fine. No need to worry im sure it will go fine. Best of luck with the results xx Ellen x

Thank you for your replies, I did see them but wasn’t logged in at the time to thank you.

Had the EMG last week, wasn’t the most pleasant things but not hideous either. And once it was done there were very little effects afterwards.

The good news is that nerves and muscles are “performing” normally, also had a blood test for auto immune so waiting on result of that. Final MRI this Sunday on brain - spinal one came back clear. Then just waiting to see Neuro which isn’t until February, to his view on the results. Was hoping the Neuro appt would be sooner than that but hey ho, at least I know when it is and know he is beng thorough,.