Nerve conduction studies & EMG

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an appointment on Weds for nerve conduction & EMG studies - has anyone any experience of these tests? Just wondering what exactly they entail and will they help with my diagnosis?

Many thanks

i had those tests but it was 10 years ago. they were painless and actually quite interesting. they measure the speed at which impulses travel along a nerve.

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Hi there, I had them done in June this year. Totally pain free. A few electrodes were stuck to my head with something gloopy, but when they were taken out my hair was fine. I’ve a lot of hair! I just sat & stared at a checked pattern on a screen, one eye covered then the other. Then an electrode thingy was put on the inside of each ankle in turn & a low level charge emitted, which just tingles & buzzes (in my experience). There is info on the site explaining them. I was in & out in less than 30’ & got the results by post less than 2 weeks later. I’ve interpreted diagnosing MS as being a bit like a jigsaw. These tests are another piece. I’m sure it will be fine.

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