Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG (Electromyogram)

Had Evoked Potential tests done on 17th Jan. Neurologist seems to have ordered a repeat of the upper and lower limb EP tests - I think my left foot seemed somewhat insensitive in relation to the right, in that it took a much higher level of current for me to notice it and for the toe to reliably twitch. He described the results of these tests as “unyielding” which doesnt mean a lot to me. Has also now slotted in some Nerve Conduction Studies and an EMG (Electromyogram). Does this make sense to anyone?

No idea what he meant by unyielding. Perhaps it’s a weird term for consistent??

This gives a bit of info about the tests:

Karen x

Hi there,

I have been to see my neuro…I have to have an MRI on the 4th March…he also wants me to have Nerve conduction tests…and also EMG…not sure what it is either…but he said something about putting pins in my arm…ouch! He also said he doen’t think I have MS…but as he can’t see inside my head…(not had scan yet) he won’t know…he’s also ruling out and testing for capel tunnel syndrome.

Hope your tests go well.

Got the nerve conduction and EMG out of the way today but the tester didnt give anything away. Funny job electrocuting and sticking pins in people; reminded my of my old physics teacher!

Glad all went well…alas they cant give anything away…they could get the sack! Hope you dont have to wait too long to go back to see your neuro…x

Thanks everybody. Had the Evoked Potentials repeat tests today. The nurse (we’re getting to know each other now) said they were consistent with the first lot a month back i.e. the left leg found to differ significantly from right; with a significant lack of sensation to the electrical shocks and much higher level needed to get a reliable twitch. Didnt comment on the arms. Interesting to me since the neurologist is an arch skeptic and predicted there’d be nothing found. I guess that is why he sent me back for a second go!

Hi, I had a surface EMG and it stands for spinal versus propriospinal myoclonus, it can be that they suspect you have a spinal generator.

Hope this helps.

Janet x

Havent the feintest idea what one of them is Janet. Will do some googling.