EVP's and Nerve Conductions :(

Hi all off for hours of evoked potentials and nerve conduction studies later today :frowning: I’ll be honest not looking forward to playing the lab rabbit routine lol but guess its needed (maybe) I’ll be less than impressed after all this if it all comes back saying all is fine esp seeing as tho my neuro isn’t planning doing anything further more Any of u lovely folks want to explain to me exactly what happens during these tests n more importantly will it hurt!!? I’m not having Visual or audio ones atm cus the machines broken but I no what they entail is it normal to feel tingling sensations during the testing periods is that a sign that there’s something right or wrong ??? "/ I’ll survive I no lol and I’m having my hair done afterwards so that’s something to look forward to (it’s been yrs)!! but can’t help but think they mite not find anything from doing all this but then again I’m starting to feel more like me again now so it all feels as tho it’s been in my blinking head it’s only cus I’m still having some dizzy episodes (very few no tho thank god ) n my walking is still slower n somewhat haphazard to say the least esp when I’m tired Thanx for reading Lou :slight_smile:

Can I ask wht r your symptoms I have had an MRI of brain back and bloods and see gp and neuro but my neuro int planning giving me these tests as all above tests were normal I have oins n needles Tingly nose Twitchy right eye


I’m no expert but I’ve had nerve conduction studies. I had my arms tested, they were tring to determine whether the weakeness in my arms was due to tennis elbow. They can test other parts of the body I think but the test will be similar - all they do is strap little sensors on your skin then put a small electric current through to an area the sensors pick up even the smallest reaction to the shock. It can be a bit uncomfortable but it is so fast and definitely not unbearable. I wouldn’t offer to go and have it done daily but didn’t dread it when I had to have a second load of tests years later. The results are available immediately afterwards and if you have a lovely person do it like I did, then they explain their findings. Don’t worry if they are normal, mine were and it meant that the symptoms I had were from higher than they could test i.e. they were from my spinal cord rather than trapped in my shoulder or elbow. That is how it was explained to me so that’s all I can tell you, and they were correct too as my problems were due to my spinal cord being compromised in my neck. I really wouldn’t worry about that test.

Good luck


Hi Thanx for the replies all went ok with the tests just got to ho back in the 5th fir visual n audio tests turns out I’d had them before but for the life of me I can’t remember it happening but she had the results in front of her so there we go lol The symptoms I was having at my worse were numbness in my left foot n right foot upto the knee pins n needles in my lip, fingers n legs fatigue ON with slight colour loss Tremours in both hands Dizziness Nausea balance n walking issues (falling over 3 x’s) prob more but can’t remember atm lol difficulty with finding words and also the understanding of them sometimes But I’m finally starting to feel more like the old me again which is brill :slight_smile: Lou x