EMG tomorrow - anyone had one?

Interested to know what it’s like. I’ve got to go to Charing Cross. I’ve read they put needles in your muscles - does it hurt? Also, I read your muscles ache for a few days afterwards - do they? My leg muscles are bad enough at the moment.

Don’t think I’ll be able to do my usual underground rush like a commuter impression

No one at all had EMG?

Sorry - I was spared that one on my diagnostic journey (maybe it wasn’t available then/there?).

It’s like VEPs, but the way they stimulate the signal is to put pins into certain muscles (a bit like acupuncture, but the needles are attached to recording devices).

I hope it goes OK.

Karen x

Hello, I forgot last night to wish you good luck for today. Let us know how you got on. Sam x

Thanks Karen and Sam - I’ve now had it done and it wasn’t too bad at all, only one of the needles really hurt. The figures were varied but obviously I’ve no idea what they mean. I also had one of my jerks while having it done so she saw it beautifully.

I was trying to read the letter my neuro had sent to her, it was quite long but from what I could see she’d picked out interesting bits which I wouldn’t have expected: that I have to rock back and forth to make sure I can empty bladder; that I couldn’t follow her finger with my eyes (what a surprise, I thought I did - does this mean anything?); that I have a small tremor in my fingers; that my balance is off but…? The last paragraph said I reported 3 episodes of increased jerking with some remittance inbetween which would be an unusual presentation of a sinister degenerative disease. I remember her saying I would have just got worse and worse if I had a degenerative disease - is this right? Does this little nugget mean I can write MS off my list once and for all?

Never a good plan to semi-read and have to start guessing!!

Deb x

I’m glad it went well and I hope it provides much needed answers for you. Sam xx

Hey Deb, Sorry this is too late…but glad it wasn’t as bad as thought and hope you staggered through the commute without too many strange looks!! Xx