EMDR Therapy

Anyone know anything about this approach to counselling?

Am having counselling for issues which happened when I was a child - nothing ot do with m.s.


The first thing you need to do is to read  a book called the EMDR Casebook by Philip Manfield.

Next, always remember that any therapy which involves cognition does not work for everybody. If it works for you then it's good.  EMDR seems to have worked for several people.

Some people don't like it because it's underlying theory cannot be tested - but then, no-one has ever managed to come up with scientific proof for Freud's theories either.

The bottom line has to be: if you can get it for free, go for it!  If you have to pay, and it helps, and you can afford it - stay with it.



I came across this recently - also nothing to do with MS - thought it sounded like a con, but it had been suggested by a highly qualified therapist so I read up on it.

There have been quite a lot of studies and the general finding seems to be that it works, but no one can agree why. It's been found to be particularly effective for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), but it's also been used in various mental health conditions as well as physical conditions.

Definitely worth a shot I would think.

I hope it helps.

Karen x

Thanks for the replies.

Am having first session end of next week - what hould I expect to happen?

Not a lot, on the face of it, but important to what follows.

Mostly a chat with the therapist, identifying the area(s) that need to be dealt with, and anything relevant where you could have more positive thoughts. It is not a “crash-bang-wallop” treatment; much more of a steady progression.

You will probably find that the therapist thinks in terms of Phases rather than numbered sessions.


I've read that it can be done fairly rapidly over less sessions than other types of therapies, but I would think that would depend on the person and the problem. As Geoff says, I doubt you'll be doing a whole lot of EDMR in your first session though. One step at a time.

Good luck happy2

Karen x