Good morning one and all,

For ages now I have been suffering with the most awful flatulance. I wondered if anyone else has the same problem. I never had it before taking the drugs I am on and after reading the leaflets which all say can cause constipation, etc, I do suffer with constipation but eat prunes, wheatabix and take lactulose to help and wondered if perhaps I am taking to much to help the constipation or it is just possibly be the drugs. It builds up during the day and by night it’s evacuate, evacuate!!

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

Janet x

Yip, I also have flatulence. It certainly beats constipation and I do respect the signals I receive when I need to urinate or pass a stool. I spoke with my GP… ABOUT THE FLATULENCE …and was pescribed a kind of mint capsuel which should be taken about an hour before eating which I do, only in the morning…The drug’s name is Mintec,it gives a more pleasant aroma, supposedly,

Hope this helps,


I was given Lactulose to help with my constipation, but all that happened was cronic flatulence. My husband found it very funny when I told him my butt cheeks hurt with the force of it! My search for help with the constipation goes on. Nothing seems to work for long!


Hi Jonny,

Thanks for the tip I will most certainly ask my gp and hope it will work for me.

Thanks for your reply rhi, I wish you luck and please if you find an answer do let me know.

Many thanks to you both.

Janet x

Hi Janet,

I don’t really have any trouble with constipation but times I have a lot of flatulence and I cant seem to hold it back it just slips out when I’m walking its happened a couple of times doing yoga but I don’t seem to be the only one it happens to while at yoga and Its really hard not to laugh .

Its the out and about going about your normal day the worst.

My mother said its the way I eat I take in to much air with my food lol

Mark xx

yeh, I`m a victim of it too. But remember, wherever you may be, let your wind go free!

Sitting in a wheelie all day causes wind to get trapped…and it does chuffin` hurt!

luv Pollx

Me again…forgot to add summat…I cant always trust my wind to be just that..............other stuff can appen too.

luv Polllx

I get this too but have found bad constipation to be so much worse. When I asked my MS nurse the only thing I was advised was to drink mint tea. So if it gets too bad I have a mint tea, sometimes it does work but not always.

Good luck it seems to be par of the course.



i suffer from both constipation and toooooooooooooo loose, and dont know what is worse, as for wind, yip i got it tooo , and dont trust it just to be wind, so lots of trips upstairs to loo needed.

i get bad wind too, instead of flatulence, mine is burps… dont seem to digest food as well as before.




Thanks everyone, it’s made me feel heaps better as my husband and son think I’m awful and have never heard anything like it. It’s a comfort to know I’m not alone.

Janet x

Poll I’m like that to I would never trust breaking wind now I just cant be sure if thats all it is a lot of the time when I go to the loo thats all it is just wind but I’ve been caught out before and I’d never take the chance sometimes I pass wind and have no control over it, You can’t hold whats not in your hand lol

Mark x

I think it may be weak muscles stopping you holding it back!

I can fart for england these days, probably beause of the intermittent constipation I get, plus food/fizzy drinks, plus never quite being certain I’m going to swallow before I do causing me to draw breath in preparation. Usualy it just comes out when it wants, I can’t hold it in for more than a second or two and if I’m straining to move I’ve got no hope.

So far I’ve only let go in front of people who know me so although embarrassing, it is at least not that bad, one day I’m gonna end up farting in front of a stranger as I strain to get up or lift something or walk stairs etc…I think I might just curl up and die then!

I guess all ya can really do is say “excuse me” and have a laugh, just don’t light a match

I wish I knew the answer. I just thank goodness I live alone.

It does seem connected to acid reflux which I also get all the time. It’s like my whole digestive system is in meltdown.

The thing to remember is that everybody on the planet passes wind (yes even the Queen) and if you are not embarrassed by it, then others normally aren’t either. I wish I could practice what I preach because I do find it embarrassing.

Pat x

Hi All,

Yes, I can join the club with you all, thankfully I live alone. I take Movicol for constipation the knack is getting the dose right too much and it’s oh dear another fine mess to clear up and too little nothing doing, once you have mastered the dose that suits you it’s brilliant.

When I first took lactulose I got wind quite bad after but I found this died down after a few days. As long as you take it how the label advises and don’t stop taking it. I take it for side effects of other meds. When I stop taking it and then restart I find the wind probs return. I take it at night so it doesn’t cause an issue during the day. But as some have said wind is totally normal.

I don’t know if antacids can be taken about the same time as lactulose to cut down problems with wind. I’d also advise this to people who get bad wind after eating. Although this will depend on other medications your on.