Burping and Gabapentin

Hi everyone

I have upped Gabapentin to 1200 per day for my hug and it is really helping the hug but since I have upped the dose I have been suffering with terrible burping and indigestion which is eased after burping. Not nice for me or people around me. Christmas day is gonna be fun!!!

I know this is a side effect of Gabapentin but I just wondered what is the best to ease this burping and indigestion. I am taking indigestion tabs from the chemist at the mo but think I will mention it to my GP.

Have a lovely day.

Shazzie xx.

Thanks Jen. It’s horrible isn’t it? Sorry you are suffering too. Hope your bp has settled.

Also Gabapentin makes hair grow where I have never had hair. I have never used so much hair removing cream. My self esteem has definitely gone to pot. Farting and belching and a nice moustache coming on well too. At least we can laugh eh?

Thanks for the tip on coke (and rum).

Shazzie xx

It’s a good idea to mention it to your gp Shazzie. In the meantime, you could try sipping some fennel tea or chewing a teaspoon of fennel seeds. Fennel is good for indigestion so may help.


Thanks Shazzie for making me laugh out loud in the office.

I’m on Gabapentin and my insides gurgle almost constantly - will also have to have a word with the GP - charcoal tablets next on the list for me I think.

You are very welcome Theresa.

I have to get up from my seat in a moment so hubby and myself are bracing ourselves for the big push!!!

Thanks Noreen. I have made an appt with my GP for a chat. Not looking forward to sitting in the waiting room though because of the noises.


Oh no - I thought this was a Ms thing, not related to meds, only take painkillers and dmds, suffered for years with the burping thing esp. Coke, grapes & cucumber work to shift indigestion & make me burp for England!!! Did someone mention a burping competition? Can make walls & floors vibrate!!!