Hooray gabapentin

Saw my ms nurse on Thursday to pick up tysabri pack, mentioned to her my legs hurt all the time, like there burning so she said try gabapentin so phone GP and got them ( after a discussion with a obviously qualified receptionist who said ," ms nurse would have to request it in writing ) soon but her right snotty cow. So GP gave it to me and I’ve been on them only 3 days and pain has reduced by 80% , long may it last. Hope your all good Gray xx

Hi Gray, So pleased that Gabapentin has worked for you. It really worked for me as well, still get pain but not as bad. Long many it continue for you. Janet x

I’m on it too and it is great. I tried cutting down and soon noticed the difference, so I’m back up again! Glad it works for you too.

Hi Gray

I take gabapentin too, and for me it helps a lot. Glad it is also working for you too!

Freckles x

Hi Gray

So glad it works for you. Its marvellous stuff, really works for my leg pain, tremor and jerks, to name a few.

I started low and am on 900mg a day now. Some people are on much more.

How much (dose ) are you on?

Almond x

Thanks guys Yea started on a low dose 900 mg a day but it’s working, without the leg pain all the time ms isn’t constantly on my mind. Gray

Glad you are doing well on the Gabapentin Gray. It is really helping me too.

Did you decide to try the Magnesium? If so, how are you getting on with it?

Shazzie x

Hi i am on it too 900mg a day but it makes my ankles swell up very badly or so my doc says and they are just as painful as my legs ,has enybody else had this problem as it might be something else causing it Take care katy

Glad its working Gray, that’s a god send in itself.

Tigger, I noticed my ankles are swollen and achey, but my gp put it down to thyroid issues I have. However, I do take water retention tablets and that seems to help it go down a bit. Maybe you could try it.

My only downside with gabapentin is weight gain. But to be honest im so happy that they help with pain , I don’t worry too much about my size. I just make sure I don’t give in to my hunger pangs too often. Amytriptilin is another awful one that makes me crave food and put on weight. Again they help me so much, I will never come off them.

Almond xxx

Shazzie Yea been on the magnesium for two weeks, seems to help ( I think ) Certainly gonna keep using it Gray

I’ve been prescribed this today. I’m concerned about the driving warning re side effects and wondered if it makes you more fatigued. Also does it increase apetite, so like someone else commented, i will have to watch out for the munchies. The final dose also seems really high, the pharmasist said a lot of people don’t get to this. Any advice info welcome