Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

How seriously should we be taking the idea of EMF especially in matressess? I have always felt an increased ‘buzz’ in my hands (where my symptoms are) and recently downloaded an EMF measuring app. The mattress suppossedly measures very high whilst our sofa where I don’t feel the same buzz is fine. I know there are spring free mattresses but before I fork out, does anyone have similar experience or a view? I have seen some related publications but not sure how serious to take them & my neurologist is likely to laugh e.g. https://www.pathologyjournal.rcpa.edu.au/article/S0031-3025(16)31033-9/abstract

Hi Dem, EMF and MS is a new one for me so I looked around and read a bit. As I understand it , magnetic fields have and are being looked at as a treatment for MS - cant say I understand it but something to do with stimulating cellular activity using focussed EMF. The paper about EM storms is interesting but I found myself wondering if the incidence of MS was higher in the indigenous people of the north (Inuit and native Americans) and south (Māori and similar) but if anything there is a lower but possibly increasing incidence. I haven’t found anything to show that EMF definitely has an effect on MS and its symptoms.

Have you compared the ‘buzz’ when you are lying on your bed with the ‘buzz’ when you are e.g lying on cushions on the floor?

Thank you Hank. Well that’s put a spanner in the works! Never imagined EMF as a positive thing!
Re indigenous people I think there are too many other factors entering their otherwise healthy livelihoods that might prompt an increase in MS to attribute it to one thing.
I answer to your ‘cushions question’ the answer is yes ie when i sleep on a surface without springs (my sofa) I THINK there is less of a ‘buzz’. To be clear the buzz is an increase in my pins and needles feeling and all be in my mind.
Anyway for anyone wishes to test for themselves there are free Apps which measure EMF not sure how credible of course.