Location, location, location There are just three ingr.......

I have suffered from sec prog MS for almost 30 years, and like many I’m sure continue to wonder why. For three years I have been applying a little of the remaing grey matter. This combined with a degree in electrical engineering has enabled me to perform modelled experiments of the condition at my home. The results are quite stunning and point to just three ingredients to cause the condition.

Not wishing to alarm fellow sufferers or to lose you in scientific jargon, I will not ellaborate further in this forum. I will simply state the three ingredints as follows:-

!) Iron deposits in the brain. Iron overload may be accquired or inherited genetically.

  1. Electromagnetic fields at 50/60 Hz. We live in a ‘smog’ of such, but some household appliances and wiring produce an excess.

  2. The Earth’s magnetic field. Responsible for an increase in the number of cases away from the equator.

The second of these is the culprit for producing demyelination but it requires the co-incidence of all three for a period of time to effect damage to the myelin.

There are lifestyle practices which affect 1) and 2) . Then 3) may be simply where we live.

I have stopped my own demyelination by night-time electromagnetic screening (very simple to effect). This has been confirmed by three MRI scans at yearly intervals. One other local patient is benefitting but has not had repeated scans yet.

There is much more to say and if the response to this is positive, I will gladly continue the dialogue.


It is due to these two statements that I have called this opening statement - Location, location, location…


I have 5 MRI scans that show no further demyelination in my brain - thanks to Tysabri.

Also secondary progressive MS very often plateaus and would not show any worsening of demyelination in MRI scans.

Liz [not debunking your theories but providing alternatives]

hi simon

a couple of men came to our ms therapy centre to tell us about their work with magnetic fields

they had produced thin sheets of what looked like lino and gave them to us to try.

the theory was that if you put it under your bed it will stop the earths magnetic field causing any more damage.

i didnt notice any improvemnt but i wish them well

carole x


I think its important to look at everything concerning things which may affect us, I definitely like posts like this and would be open to finding out more imformation. I know there are lots of supposed therorys and treatments but I personally like to read and analyse everything and make a personal choice.

Thankyou for your very sensible reply. Of course if the answer was simple we would have found the answer long ago. I think it important to underatand a little of the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Our sensitivity to these reduces with age because our myelin may take 20 to 25 years to fully mature. During our teenage years, if for example we use a powerful electric hairdrier, we can expect the iron in the blood (ferritin) to vibrate at 50 Hz and scratch the myelin. This is not demyelination itself but it may pave the way as follows.

Ferritin molecules moving slowly across the now roughened blood brain barrier will ‘stick’ . The body notes a reduction in iron and absorbs more via the small intestine as normal in order to maintain the correct blood iron level. This process continues for perhaps years until there are iron stores in various sites in the brain.

Then at night while the subject sleeps, tiny electromagnetic fields at 50Hz which are in the air around us cause some of these stores or deposits to vibrate. Then with the Earths magnetic field in one particular direction, iron may translate in such a direction as to penetrate the myelin. The easiest way to think of this is like a pneumatic road drill. The iron deposits are the steel tip, vibrating, the electromagnetic fields cause the vibration and the Earths magnetic field is the operators weight. The nett effect is to produce a hole and allow iron to enter that hole. This is demyelination.

In my opinion, the way to stop the action is to put an electromagnetic screen in your pillow at night. It will not reverse the process but will certainly stop further demyelination. Reversal of damage I’m currently working on. I think that this requires phlebotomy (giving blood) for disposal. This is a recognised treatment for iron overload but you may find it difficult to convince the medical profession of the need. In the meantime drink masses of tea. The tanin helps reduce absorbtion of iron from the diet.

If I can help you more,don’t hesitate to post questions.



It’s an interesting theory, Simon. Now …

1 - What would be your comment on the effects of an MRI scanner (which does start off as a great big electromagnet, after all).

2 - If there is an effect of electro-magnetic fields while asleep, then surely the orientation of the bed should make a difference?

3 - Assuming that the Earth’s own field has an influence, then surely it should be possible to produce a plot of the local variations in the polarity of that field and compare this with aplot of the incidence of MS?


Hi, talking about location, location, location…a neighbour of mine has done a survery.

We live on a little road of 12 semi detached and 3 detached bungalows. Amongst it`s residents our street has seen a lot of severe illness…but no-one with MS.

Still for anyone interested, we`ve got/had;

3 brain tumours (1 malignant and 2 benign)

3 lung cancers

3 colon cancers

1 lymphatic cancer

1 lupus

1 leukemia

and me with whatever it is!

The survey my neighbour did included areas where there is/was a power station and pylons closeby.

Interesting, eh?



Just read your interesting post and as someone who has had secondary progressive ms for 31 yrs - l am always looking for the ‘holy grail’.

28yrs ago - l did have all [16] amalgum fillings removed/replaced - and afterwards my condition improved considerably. Before - l had very slurred speech and could hardly stand - terrible vertigo - all which disappeared and has never [touchwood]

returned. l do take spirulina/chlorella which is supposed to ‘chelate’ heavy metal toxins from the body. ln all this time l have never been offered any treatment - ie DMD’s. l do take LDN - which not a cure but does make me feel more able to cope with my symptoms and less fatigue. And l use Sativex spray to help with pain/spasticity. That along with a high dose vitamin d3 [ when the sun is not shining] and B12.

Five years ago - l did have a ‘ultra-sound’ test on my kneck to see if l had ccsvi - and it was confirmed that l had a blockage in the right jugular. But due to medical politics it has not been treated.

Apart from a MRI 30 yrs ago - l have never been tested since - as it is deemed not necessary as l am ‘past help’. Not that a mri will improve matters.

So - l am very open minded - always looking beyond and hoping that - like you there has to be a logical reason for all these auto-immune diseases that are becoming epidemic.

Nothing to do with MS - but l did watch a bbc programme on ‘Fracking’ in US. And the terrible health problems local people were suffering. The methane in the earths crust is leaked out and gets into the water supply. They showed you how a match could set alight the water from the tap!! Now l am dismayed to see that they are now doing it in UK - Derbyshire l think. lts like a new gold rush - anything for cheap fuel - never mind the consequences.

So l do understand Polls concern re her neighbourhood where so many residents are chronically ill. So called ‘Progress’ could well be our worse enemy.

So l for one -would be interested to hear more from you - but be prepared for some flack you might get from ‘the experts’.

Hi Simon

Your theory is interesting and have wondered myself. Last year in February, I started work at a clinical research unit that uses all types of radiation. By May, I had my first MS symptom. I have always wondered if this was connected. The research unit was supposed to give a special badge to wear which measured the levels of radiation that I was exposed to but they never gave me one. I obviously don’t work there anymore.


Hi Hayley, I had radiation treatment for hodgkins Lymphoma in 1990. In 2008 I had a sort of attack numbness weakness etc. In 2011 I saw a neuro as was having issues with walking. Had MRI and was dx with radiation myelopathy. In 2012 saw another neuro who said MS although LP was clear. 6 months ago I saw first neuro and had a treatment with Avastin as it is supposed to be effective for people with radiation myelopathy. I have just had another MRI and the cervical myelopathy has gone. Radiation can damage the spinal cord and it can look like MS.

Moyna xxx