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Thank you all for your valued comments. With regard to radiation, I refer only to very low frequency electromagnetic fields of 50 or 60 Hz due to electric supply and wiring.

These fields impact on iron stored in the body. I read recently that a single molecule of ferritin can contain as many as 4500 atoms of iron. That is like one molecule containing 2250 tiny bar magnets. These will certainly vibrate under the influence of these electromagnetic fields. Its all due to magnetic hysteresis and remanance. If not, electric motors couldn’t work. Check out the work of Faraday and Maxwell.

If iron stores vibrate they will roughen the myelin in many places. This will cause atoms to collect. Then just small vibration and the influence of the Earths magnetic field will cause them to burrow into the myelin.

Later, iron in these same situations may produce symptoms. Its like rubbing salt into a wound!

To stop demyelination, you need to put steel wire wool in a plastic bag and put it in your pillow at night. Also, if you are less than say, 25 years old, you need to drastically reduce your use of an electric hairdrier. Preferably not at all. Everytime you use it, the myelin is being roughened a bit more. If you don’t believe all this check out the following.

If your vision is affected by MS such that you find it difficult to watch TV without losing focus on a single object, hold an unopened pack of steel wire wool on your head and note the improvement. If desperate, use brillo pads but they smell a bit! Use your own igenuity to devise ways of doing this. My own research has moved on and I use mumetal wire and cheap plastic headphones and glasses with the same. It looks quite normal, I promise!

With regards to MRI, I believe it safe because it is very high frequency and iron atoms cannot move - too heavy.

With regards to moving the bed. Good idea. 90 degrees I recomend or a bed that gently swings at night. Also dig out your old steel sprung mattress if you can. It provided very good protection against 50Hz.

If you want the full reports on my research you will have to ask the moderator if you can send me an e-mail address.

Best wishes, and keep healthy.


Ok, so I’m not a scientist in any way, shape or form and do not pretend to understand science but if this theory has any credence, why doesn’t everybody have MS because electricity is in every household?

I’m afraid I’m at a loss to see why a background in electrical engineering makes you better qualified than a neurologist to pontificate about the causes of MS.

Many years ago, I studied electronics and telecommunications engineering. Other than finding it darkly ironic that someone who started working life as a sparky should subsequently go on to develop a glorified electrical fault, I’ve never felt my early career had any bearing on, or relevance to, my understanding of my own disease. Except perhaps that being no stranger to science generally is a slight advantage, when confronted with scientific concepts outside one’s own field. I don’t think it equips me for any revelations about MS though, any more than my neurologist is equipped to fault-find on a radar! I’m not saying he wouldn’t be able to grasp it, if he was adequately trained; I’m quite sure he would! But that’s not the direction his life has taken him, and mine hasn’t led me to Neurology (except as much as I need to understand the basics of my own health). So I leave theories about the nature and origins of MS to him and his colleagues. I think they’ve got a much better chance than me!


I always get a touch suspicious when serious questions do not get a clear answer.
I also get a touch suspicious when a new thread is started ( it does hide all the serious questions previously asked).
Then MrsH asks another serious question.
Then, Tina asks the real question - why not a neurologist?

So I spent a few minutes Googling:

Has a comment from Simon E-G. This is dated 2005, and includes his offer to sell you “No more MS in a Jiffy” for only £20 +P&P

This also promotes his “cure”. Dates from 2.5 years back.
It also offers some test equipment that the average homeowner would not normally need but which would separate you from your hard earned £ or $.

This (nothing to do with Simon E-G) caught my eye in the ThisisMS forum today
It is not very conclusive, but suggests that iron in the brain could be a useful indicator of something.

And now, another serious question …
If an electric hair dryer is bad, surely an electric drill will be just as bad? And, what about an electic fan? Or, even, working in a kitchen with a fan oven running?

Will we ever get straight answers?


Thanks for doing some digging Geoff. I was trying to work out, if this were true, if there’d be a difference between people with different iron levels? I’ve always been borderline anaemic so will I have less demyelination? Love a good conspiracy theory but not quite so much where MS is concerned! Becky x