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I hope from the lack of messages recently that everyone with MS is eagerly putting steel wirewool in their pillow. If not, then you are just waiting for the next pill to appear? Disease modifying drugs may reduce the risk of further demyelination but their developers do not know what causes the problem. By using myself as a human guinea-pig, I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the damage to the nerves is caused by electromagnetic fields at 50/60 Hertz. You can prevent further damage by electromagnetic screening. If you have eye movement problems and you dont believe me, simply place an unopened pack of steel wire wool on your head whilst watching TV and you will see the difference instantly. Post your response on this forum.

I look forward to a screen full of happier messages


Will this get me out of the ironing?

Hi Simon

I think you will see that you had plenty of messages to your earlier post but you did not respond to them.


Simon, How much steel wool do we need to put in our pillow for this to make a difference - and would carrying it in apocket during the day help?

l am serious about this - after 31 yrs of ms - l still have an ‘open-mind’ and would rather try something like this then take any pills.

I replied to your earlier post. And I say the same again… Uh-huh.

What ever rocks your boat, Simon. Personally I’ll stick with my neuro’s opinions.


Simon only responds by PM to posts questioning his “great revelation”. Don’t bother with that again, Simon - it’s blocked now.

If I posted that I stuck a pineapple up my bum, and it stopped MS, and this is incontrovertibly true, because I have a degree in pineapples, I wonder if anyone would believe me?

Thanks for the chuckle, Tina. I needed that

Tracey x

Of course we would believe you, Tina.

But since Simon is unable to say what grade of steel wool should be used, we would expect you to tell us what variety of pineapple (or at the very least, where it was sourced).

Reminds one of the “Rubber Chicken Song” from Spitting Image; and is probably about as much use (The steel wool, I mean. At least the pineapple could be peeled and eaten).


I have wondered why someone who has been a member of this site for a year and a half has only started posting a few weeks ago?

Why continue to spam the same thing over and over again with a brand new post each week when if you reply to the questions on the original post, it brings it back to the top of the list for everyone to see. Simply ignoring the sensible questions posted by other forum users I feel encourages people to ask the not so sensible questions/comments, which then winds the original poster up, so he posts again.

I personally just see these posts as SPAM and should be treated exactly the same way the ‘want to buy a kitchen’ posts are treated.


…So …can I interest anyone in buying a pineapple?


Do they come in different sizes???

Shazzie xx

Tina - I followed your suggestion. Great idea! I’m already seeing the benefits. I wanted to double check; should I have taken the pineapple out of the tin first? Jane :slight_smile: X

Atl least pineapples are high in Vit C but I would prefer to stick it in a different orifice if you don’t mind Tina


I was assuming it had to be fresh… the spikier the better!


I must buy shares in Brillo Pads and Del Monte before this becomes common knowledge

I am currently puffing on an orange e-shisha having packed up the ciggies 2 weeks ago, BUT my next flavour is pineapple tho :smiley:

Naturally I opened the whole lots and had a puff on each, I can report that the liquorice and blackcurrant ones are the best so will save those til last…

Now where was I?! Oh yes, I was quite excited about the pineapple but it’s pretty weak, not like the yummy mango so think I’ll stick to eating it in future :slight_smile:

So, I’m pretty doubtful that pineapple will change any of my MS symptoms but did remember randomly that you had to avoid grapefruit with the steroids… did Simon write those instructions!!!

I think I might have been had… I will stick to pineapple now, come hell or high water - LMAO!

Sonia x

Gotta love a brillo pad :wink: x

Can it help with piles? The pineapple, not the wire wool.

And, in the light of Tina’s suggestion, I think the fact that no-one has suggested an alternative location for Simon’s own personal pack of steel wool (unopened or otherwise) speaks highly for the way in which the other members of this forum have treated his suggestion. (Mind you, schoey23 did come close …)


Has the original poster personally attacked people on here? Tried to sell you things? Used spam?

They have a theory that is not the “norm” and a little out their.

But the border line bullying responses are horrible