This simple method put Mary's probable MS into remission in a couple of days

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thought it was the first of april when i read this!!!

i cant read it-even if i wanted to! far too many words-its just a blur…

Same for me too

read a wee bit about putting cotton wool in your ear and i think MS goes away…i may be wrong though!!

ah-seems like i got the wrong sense-feels as if i have cotton wool in my eyes!

Why hasn’t this CP been removed? Feeling totally f****d off lately and then read this f***g rubbish

Glad I couldn’t read it if that’s the case!

Hurrah, the drivel’s gone! Well done Mods!

Couldn’t be bothered to wade through to see what it was selling, but almost certainly something. But I took all I needed to know from the first couple of lines, which revealed the person who achieved the so-called miracle cure had never been diagnosed with MS. So what do I care what someone who never had my illness did about it?

Must be full-moon again, or something.



I read it, Now where did I put that cotton wool it would solve all my problems if only I could remember where I put it.

I use a cotton bud in my ear’oles every day,but I’m still a member of this esteemed club.Ears are sparkling though.


Who would of thought the cure for ms was 16 digits, a sort code and security number?

Tee-hee, just had a look as well. Apparently, if you wear ANY jewellery, including a watch, or if any part of you, including legs/feet is within a few feet of radio, television, mobile phone etc. - including those owned by your neighbours, on the other side of the wall - this cure won’t work for you.

So basically, unless you you go and live in a cave, you’re not doing it right. In practice, this “simple method” would be impossible to comply with, for anyone wishing to continue living in the modern world. No good just switching off or throwing out all your own electricals, because you’d still be getting “irradiated” by your neighbours’. I wonder who first comes up with this stuff, and why? Is there a mental asylum somewhere, churning them out, to give the residents something to do?


“Prey on the vulnerable” Too bloomin true…charlatans and wicked with it.

Darn! I missed a good miracle cure post!

I love a good laugh…

Pat x

In this case, I could not actually find any reference to money. Not even: “Send for my FREE 490-page book (Just $19.99 p&p)”.

So most are money-making rackets, but some appear to be - well, just mad! This particular one is so barking, I wonder if it began life as a satirical piece, but then someone missed the fact it was satire, and started touting it as an ACTUAL cure for MS.


I haven’t read the original thing, but I’m loving some of the comments! :slight_smile:

Karen x

Same here Karen!

luv Pollx

ps but isnt it amazing how many replies there are to a deleted post?

I saw this and laughed.

I did regret not having seen the original.
Then I found the same posts from the same person in the American MS Forum.
Now I can read the complete load of drivel in comfort - but it was almost enough to make me do something really childish.

Seems to come from the “tinfoil hat, don’t step on the cracks, never turn anti-clockwise” school of science.