The Miracle Cure Called Pregnancy?...

Did anyone listen to the radio programme? - Radio Scotland today at 4.30. I did - what did you think. The end summary was that there was ‘no understanding’ as to why pregnant women ‘becomes cured of the symptoms of MS’ but sometimes they come back again, even worse. There is no cure for MS yet but they are hunting for a cure so there is ‘hope’. (I’ve had MS for ~13 years and it was a bit uplifting)

I spoke on the telephone for over half an hour to Dr Rosy Jones who does research into MS - there is no cure and no idea of when they will find one - on a more positive not there is ‘hope’? I get free telephone calls from Sky if they are 01, 02 or 03 numbers or as far away as New Zealand and under 1 hour - get charged though for viewing ~£40 per month (I know because I’ve done it - Australia as well) - although I think that I’m ‘being done’ but even though the call was free and I didn’t ‘learn anything new’ - she was good enough to speak to me ‘for that long’ and as a researcher into MS, she knew what she was talking about. Here are her details if you want to call (but remember that you will be ‘charged’ but it ‘feels’ good actualy speaking to a researcher into MS -

SPOKE TO 11.30 a.m. (FOR ABOUT 1/2 HOUR)
ON WEDNESDAY 30/05/2012

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Hiya Marcus

RabbitFan started a thread re this through the week-maybe you will be interested in the replies she got?

Its headed ‘Is this a revavaltion?’ and is currently on p3 (no connection I dont think LOL)

Ellie x

Pregnancy… Cure… Hmmph… Not for me. More like a trigger.

I will say strangeley that my symptoms dissapeared while I was pregnant,no headaches,no twitches,no pain.However during a C-section everything went badly wrong and they didnt think I would live till morning.MS did not cause the issues during child birth rather hospital mistakes.

I was not cured of MS.I still am terribly ill with it…

I think the lessions in the brain and spine do not just dissapear they are still there,as we know MS can effect some greatly and other have few symptoms or milder symptoms or they can be fit and healthy for months even years without becoming stricken down with MS symptoms.

I stand corrected.

It appears studys have shown a certain hormone produced during pregancy may cure MS.

Thanks very much ‘for all the replies’ - I’m just going to look at the website ‘JellyBean’ but Thanks anyway.


Just looked at the website and it makes me ‘feel’ better! - THANKS AGAIN (I’ll probably share this ‘in other places’ but I will mention ‘your’ name.


My MS started when l first became pregnant - l did have a nasty bout of shingles before this - which as we now know is connected to MS. l am pretty sure mine was to do with vit d3 deficiency-


You are welcome marcus1.

I did see a few websites on this subject and it does look promissing.

Gosh maybe thats why I didnt have any symptoms for 8 months during my pregancy,yes 8 months as my girl came early.

BUT I will NOT be having any more children…

I would be pregnant all the time if I could be (I’ve had 3 children since I was diagnosed), in fact at one time I did seriously consider being a surrogate! Unfortunately usually when they get to 5 months old things come crashing around my ears and this time was the straw that broke the camels back.

I would preffer to have a pseudo-pregnancy pill (preferable apple pie flavour), so no nappies, and no stretch marks.

yeah i heard this on the radio, i think theyve known about this for a while,I dont know the mechanics of it, but you’d think if they can identify the hormone then they could just pump us full of the good stuff and be done with this mess?

A surfeit of prolactin is no fun either, unfortunately.

My sister coincidentally has a prolactinoma (pituitary tumour that causes you to make more of the stuff). She feels grotty like I do, even though it has nothing to do with MS.

So no, I don’t see being permanently pumped full of that as the solution. Just swapping one lot of problems for another.


Thanks for all of your replies. As a male then obviously I cannot become pregnant. Thanks Tina for your email - it puts things in the right context. So it’s back to the people who know what they’re talking about? Good story though.


It gives us hope of that I am sure.It shows the researchers are trying to find a cure.Although I wouldnt recommend for women to have lots of children in hope it will cure them,but gives hope to women with MS that they could have a child and feel good.However there are those who have terrible pregnancys when they suffer with MS…

I still think it is good inforamtion and gives us hope that one day we will have a cure or a reduction in symptoms…


I haven’t had ms long enough to forget my life beforehand but it still gives me hope, one day…maybe.

Thanks again for all your replies. I wonder if ‘so-called’ re-searchers read this and what do they think?


I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘so called’ researchers. I’m pretty certain there are people who are trying hard to find a cure for MS. :slight_smile: