Is this really a revalation?

Hello All,

I am sure that I must be like countless other people with MS, who heard on the news that the medics have only just discovered that women who have MS and who are pregnant, suffer from far fewer symptoms. Even I learnt at SKOOL that a pregnant woman’s immune system is suppressed in order that the body does not reject the baby. Isn’t that why those with autoimmune disorders feel better when pregnant? But it would be great if something came of this hope, as at least fellas could gain from ‘being pregnant’ too.



I was ‘cured’ of the most horrendous asthma when I got pregnant…it never returned…but MS did arrive some years down the line instead

Ahhh! That explains a text that I got this morning offering help to ‘cure’ my MS!

Ellie x

My MS symptoms along with other ailments always disappeared when a period started; so it’s also to do with the amount of Oestrogen in the body, don’t know where that leaves men with MS but they were doing research into this a few years back.


Unfortunately another false dawn thats been going for years.

Something to do with Estrogen the woman produces when pregnant. It’s Estrogen; Nitrogen or Both’s Gin.


I think that this has been known anecdotally for years - I remember my mum talking about it not long after she was diagnosed, over 20 years ago. Why are they only investigating it now? Has there been a fire lit under someone?

Luisa x

But not always so… my MS began and very aggressivly at 12 weeks pregnant… and continued aggressively… and still is highly active ( baby is 3 nearly 4 months old )

The trouble is that it has been found anecdotally that pregnancy makes conditions like MS worse, and also better. I was taught that way back in the 80s.

Any research is welcome however long it’s taken to do the research.